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Not a paywall. A Playwall.

Don’t just get paid to create. Get paid to consume.

Imagine getting paid for that perfect meme or that hilarious comment on your friend’s post.

Turn your comments into cash. Turn your brilliance into Bitcoin. Turn your sarcasm into satoshis.

21M Network Web 3 Social Network

“The ultimate freedom is a free mind, and we need technology that’s on our team to help us live, feel, think and act freely.”

— Tristan Harris

21M Network Web 3 Social Network

Own your community.

Every successful creator on the internet has built a mansion in someone else’s backyard.

What if you built your mansion on your own sovereign land?

What if you owned the community that you worked so hard to build?

With 21M, your node is your mansion. And you own it.

Not fans. Family.

Communities on 21M are where everyone discusses, shares and gets paid for their contributions.

Subscribing to a creator’s community is like “voting with your money”: if you love the content you see, you can participate in the discussion or compensate the creator.

21M Network Web 3 Social Network
21M Network Web 3 Social Network

Impenetrable messaging.

We believe technology should serve people, not the other way around.

In 21M, messages are essentially snippets of content layered atop of Lightning transactions, ensuring conversations are untraceable and end-to-end encrypted.

Your keys. Your control.

With a non-custodial wallet, you have sole control of your private keys, which in turn control your Bitcoin and prove the funds are yours.

Your wallet is a Lightning wallet, so users can instantly transact payments across borders with no added fees.

21M Network Web 3 Social Network

Why 21M?

You’ll love what we left out.

No ads. No trackers. No, seriously.

In 21M, there are no ads, no affiliate marketers, and no creepy tracking, so you can focus on sharing the moments you create. Connect and get paid without annoying ads or creepy pixels tracking your every move.

No spam.

To make 21M spam-free, we used staking, the most elegant solution to spam. Real comments fly through. Spammers get charged. Everybody wins.

No algorithms.

Our goal is not to keep you on the site to manipulate you. Our goal is to have you see the content you want. No curation. No algorithms. Just the content you subscribe to, in chronological order.

And you’ll love what we added.


Only the people you want to can see your content or read your message. Not us. Not anyone else.

Privacy isn’t an optional mode — it’s just the way 21M was built.

Censorship resistant.

Imagine creating, connecting and sharing without censorship. Imagine saying what you want without being banned or worse, shadow-banned.

Connect directly with your audience. No middleman. No gatekeepers. No overlords.

100% open-source.

Open source isn’t the future, it’s already won. All of our code is on Github and if you want to run your own node, we encourage it.

Without other generous open-source projects like Lightning, Bitcoin and LND, we wouldn’t exist. Like all true open-source projects, we stand on the shoulders of giants.

And you own it all.

Own your content.

On today’s social networks, your content fuels their massive ad-driven machine. On 21M, there are no ads, so your content is not our fuel, it’s your magic. You truly own your content.

Own your data.

Your data should be yours. In 21M, every keystroke and every comment is yours and yours alone. We can’t even see what’s happening on your node. Stop being a row in someone’s database. Start owning your data.

Own your reach.

Posting to social today is a bit like pulling a slot machine. Their invisible algorithm decides who sees your content. 21M doesn’t have algorithms, so there’s nothing between your content and your audience. You fully own your reach.

Own your coin.

When it’s your restaurant, you set the price of each dish. That’s how 21M works. You own the node, so you set the price to join your community and the price per message. Your node. Your community. Your control.

“Being open source means anyone can independently review the code. If it was closed source, nobody could verify the security. I think it’s essential for a program of this nature to be open source.”

— Satoshi Nakamoto

We flipped the stack.

Built on Bitcoin.

Because 21M is built directly on the Lightning network, content and messages are truly peer-to-peer. Not peer-to-computer-to-peer. Not peer-to-overlord-to-peer. Peer-to-peer. Direct and secure.

Reserve your node today.


21M Network Web 3 Social Network

Own Your Content and Community

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Web 3 Social Network

Built on Bitcoin

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